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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


If you are like me... Socks are the last thing on your mind at this moment.

Of course, even now there is someone in Barrow Alaska, dying of Toe-frostbite saying, "not me, I think about socks all the time..."

I'm not that guy, and chances are, neither are you.

Socks are a lot more important to your gear that you would at first imagine. I mean, I never gave them a second thought. When all of mine had holes, it was quick drive to WallyWorld to pick up another million-pack for $9.99.

Then something miraculous happened....

I won a pair of Socks.

Not just any pair of Socks, mind you, I won FITS socks.

Fits is a company based in Tennessee, they might well have engineered the perfect sock.

As a US company they employ Americans and that is something that I can get behind. They also engineer all of their socks from 100% Merino wool, so they are soft and warm, and do an excellent job of wicking moisture away from your foot.

The socks are engineered with your foot in mind so there is extra padding in  the toe and heel, and extra support in the arch.

But the coolest feature by far is there size/style indicators...

If you are like me (whether you are or not, I'm just going to assume that you are) you have spent a seeming eternity standing in the aisle of some super-box store staring at two packages of socks. One says "For shoe sizes 6-9.5" the other says "For shoe sizes 8-10" and you being a solid 9ish are caught in the great conundrum matrix, "AHHHHH! which one is the right one? The ones I bought last time were perfect for the first time but I can't remember which ones I got!!!!"

Fret no more my friend, for FITS has seen your trouble and have provided a lamp unto your feet, as it were.

FITS integrates into every sock a colored ban stitched into the toe that tells you what size you are wearing right now. No worries, No fuss, hardly even conscience thought is required. Simply get the same color you are wearing and oila... walla.... oilla... Eureka! Perfect fit every time...

In this world of choices, options, and features, it is nice to know that someone has made my life a little easier.

So, the next time you think about socks....(Probably never)

Think about socks.... now while you are... Go to and support America... Support comfy feet...

You wont regret it.

Slatts McGillicutty


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