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Friday, March 11, 2011

GSDM Glock Mod

Paradigm Designs Tour of GSDM Glock Mod

Favorite Movies - TGO Video Response

Favorite Movies - TGO Video Response

First Blood (1982)
The Final Option (1982)
The Survivors (1983)
Red Dawn (1984)
The Terminator (1984)

5.45x39 AR15 Magazine Mod

We modify a 5.45x39 AR15 Magazine to use Magpul Ranger Plates

6.8 AR Chrono Test

6.8 AR Chrono Test


Gun Quiz: How Many Guns?

Gun Quiz: How Many Guns?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Draco (AK47 Pistol) SBR Stock Options

Stock Options for Draco AK47 Pistols modified to an Short Barrel Rifle (SBR)

AK47 Stocks

Draco AK47 Pistol

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beretta Minx Pocket Pistol

Beretta Minx .22 short Pocket Pistol

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tactical Ice Cream

Tactical Multicam Ice Cream

Boker Titanium Subcom

Boker Titanium Subcom vs. Hong Kong rip off

We had another Live Blog TV session

We have a quick road trip today, anyone interested in join us for the drive at Blog TV ??

Special Bonus- Here is a special Tactical Treat for people on You Tube on a Monday Morning:

Tactical Ice Cream

Sunday, March 6, 2011

S.O.Tech BLOCS Gen III Plate Carrier Kit (BLVV)

S.O.Tech BLOCS Gen III Plate Carrier Kit (BLVV)

S.O. Tech Mission Pack Micro

S.O. Tech Mission Pack Micro

S.O. Tech Sniper Rifle Scabbard

S.O. Tech Sniper Rifle Scabbard

S.O. Tech Angled Dump Pouch

S.O. Tech BLOCS Angled Dump Pouch, Zippered

S.O.Tech Battle Bear

S.O.Tech Battle Bear

Battle Bear (BEAR)

Made in the USA

The perfect comfort gift for the military or law enforcement in your family.

Made by V.I.P.E.R.

The Battle Bear is made by V.I.P.E.R., Veterans Industry Program for Employment Reintegration, a charity project started by S.O.TECH that offers a variety of training to help both injured and non-injured veterans return to the workforce after returning home from different combat environments and/or overseas conflict.

Made in the USA here in Los Angeles, CA. The Battle Bear is made from 500 Denier Cordura® (RG, MW, MD colors are 1000 Denier), using the same stitching and quality that we use on our tactical gear. The eyes of the Battle Bear are made of mil spec grommets and the attachment strap is from mil spec webbing. The most indestructible stuffed animal you will ever own.

Built to last, this completely unique gift will take them by surprise and be completely different from anything else your military or law enforcement friends or family will receive.

Limited edition item - quantities are limited.

Color options: Multicam (MC), Coyote Brown (CB), Black (BLK), Ranger Green (RG), Olive Drab (OD), Army Combat Uniform (ACU), Marine Pattern Desert (MD), and Marine Pattern Woodland (MW).

*Marshal is used for MARPAT camouflage orders (same digital pattern with EGA removed). Official MARPAT with EGA included is reserved for government contracts only.

Multicam (MC) carries an upcharge for material.

Order now while supplies last!

SO Tech BLOCS Watter Bottle Pouch

SO Tech BLOCS Watter Bottle Pouch

S.O.Tech Mission Go Bag Flap (MGBF)

S.O.Tech Mission Go Bag Flap (MGBF)

ITW Military Products

ITW Fast Mag Heavy

ITW Fast Mag Heavy

ITW Gen 3 Fast Mags

ITW FASTMAG Magazine Pouch Gen 3

ITW Fast-Mag Pistol Magazine Pouch

ITW FASTMAG Pistol Magazine Pouch

ITW Mag Boot

Troy BattleRail TRX Extreme

Troy Industries BattleRail TRX Extreme

Troy Mark III Covert Approach Pistol

Troy Industries Mark III CAP - Covert Approach Pistol

Troy Nav Stock

Troy Nav Stock

Troy T-22 Tactical 10-22 Chassis

Troy Industries T-22 Tactical Ruger 10-22 Chassis

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Broken Ruger Revolver

Broken Ruger Revolver

Bulldog Puppy .22short Revolver

Bulldog Puppy .22 short Revolver

Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports

Real Sword Chinese Type 56 (Airsoft AK47)

Real Sword Chinese Type 56 (Airsoft AK47)

Real Sword Airsoft Chinese AK47 (Type 56)

Real Sword Airsoft Chinese AK47 (Type 56)

Pyramyd Air Airguns

Pyramyd Air Airguns and Airsoft

Umarex USA Airguns

Umarex USA Airguns Airsoft

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Russian SKS 1950 Tula

Russian SKS 1950 Tula

Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun

Maverick 12g Bullpup Shotgun by Mossberg

Mapul / KWA Folding Pocket Gun FPG

Magpul FPG - Folding Pocket Gun by KWA
Full/Semi Automatic Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun w/ NS2 Gas System

Mapul / KWA FPG

KWA Airsoft

G & G Armament Airsoft

G & G Armament Airsoft

Cyber Gun Airsoft

Cyber Gun Airsoft


If you are like me... Socks are the last thing on your mind at this moment.

Of course, even now there is someone in Barrow Alaska, dying of Toe-frostbite saying, "not me, I think about socks all the time..."

I'm not that guy, and chances are, neither are you.

Socks are a lot more important to your gear that you would at first imagine. I mean, I never gave them a second thought. When all of mine had holes, it was quick drive to WallyWorld to pick up another million-pack for $9.99.

Then something miraculous happened....

I won a pair of Socks.

Not just any pair of Socks, mind you, I won FITS socks.

Fits is a company based in Tennessee, they might well have engineered the perfect sock.

As a US company they employ Americans and that is something that I can get behind. They also engineer all of their socks from 100% Merino wool, so they are soft and warm, and do an excellent job of wicking moisture away from your foot.

The socks are engineered with your foot in mind so there is extra padding in  the toe and heel, and extra support in the arch.

But the coolest feature by far is there size/style indicators...

If you are like me (whether you are or not, I'm just going to assume that you are) you have spent a seeming eternity standing in the aisle of some super-box store staring at two packages of socks. One says "For shoe sizes 6-9.5" the other says "For shoe sizes 8-10" and you being a solid 9ish are caught in the great conundrum matrix, "AHHHHH! which one is the right one? The ones I bought last time were perfect for the first time but I can't remember which ones I got!!!!"

Fret no more my friend, for FITS has seen your trouble and have provided a lamp unto your feet, as it were.

FITS integrates into every sock a colored ban stitched into the toe that tells you what size you are wearing right now. No worries, No fuss, hardly even conscience thought is required. Simply get the same color you are wearing and oila... walla.... oilla... Eureka! Perfect fit every time...

In this world of choices, options, and features, it is nice to know that someone has made my life a little easier.

So, the next time you think about socks....(Probably never)

Think about socks.... now while you are... Go to and support America... Support comfy feet...

You wont regret it.

Slatts McGillicutty


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Driving to Mexico Border

Driving from Tucson to Nogalas an Mexico / USA border town

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