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Monday, January 3, 2011

EDC 5 Update

An update / response to one of our most popular EDC videos in this, EDC 5 Update

I. Intro 1. Purpose of my EDC is to carry the tools I use every day in my 3 careers.
2. Want to do so carrying as little weight as possible, and to do so discretely.

II. What I wear.
A. Business attire most days. 1. EDC must work with that attire.
2. EDC must not overload my pockets or tear clothing.
3. It must also work with my leisure clothing.
4. It must support the principle of what I carry -- i.e. To be prepared
5. No pocket should have more than 1 or 2 small items item in it.

III. What I carry A. Writing instruments 1. Black fine point Parker Jotter for clear, sharp copy
2. Blue broad point for signatures so you can tell an original from a Xerox. B. Hand lotion for dry climate. Substitute hand sanitizer sometimes. Left front pocket.

C. Camera for journalism; also has removable chip for sending picks from a card reader that the phone does not have. Carried in belly band. 1. Coin purse -- secures change so that it does not rattle, carries earplugs which I use frequently, also a safety pin & paper clip, both of which see occasional use. Also holds a lighter, which although I don't smoke, comes in handy sometimes, as well as a small Leatherman tool. Right front pants pocket.
2. Leatherman CX carbon fiber multi tool. Has pliers, external knife, bottle opener, screwdrivers, and holds my keys. This replaced a Leatherman Juice that used to need its own holster, the idea being to combine function on tools and reduce weight. Left middle belt loop.
3. Back up Leatherman Squirt. (Explain holding the nut & the scissors.) Explain why you need it now, not in the car or brief case. In coin purse, right front pants pocket.
4. Second set of keys & why. EVERY key ring should have some flashlight on it. Keys clipped and tucked in R belt line, NOT pocket.

1. You need a light on each key ring in case you are using that ring in the dark. No need to fumble for a flashlight when you need one. 2. Small flashlights like the Streamlight Nano cost little $ or weight, but have high utility. 5. Pocket knives -- 1 to each hand. These are not all defensive. (Will replace RH one with HAK.)
6. Baton with light. Is tactical, but mostly it is a reach tool. Carried in L belt line, NOT pocket.
7. Glock 23, spare mag. This is carried in elastic belly band, as is camera.
8. Wallet (band aids, $, I.D.) R rear pants pocket.
9. Business card case. L rear pants pocket.
10. EDC around house when wearing a robe -- neck knife with keys and flashlight. Do not carry it in combination with other things, but in place of, with Kel-Tec in robe pocket.
11. Occasionally, I remove the bottle of lotion and carry a 2nd gun there. L Front pants pocket.

IV. Why I have what I do. A I use everything I carry. No more than 1 item is in each pocket except pens.

B. Carrying less would not be in keeping with the Scout Motto, "be prepared." Would also leave me with less than I use.

C. Carrying armor, rifle, gas mask, condoms, etc. I do, but in the car. 1. EDC is based on what could happen, not what has happened in the past. E. I am a state certified CCW instructor, and everything I show has been field tested and adjusted for efficient use and carry.

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