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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Range being Built in Tucson, Arizona

New Range being Built in Tucson, Arizona

We took a quick tour of a new shooting range being built in Tucson, Arizona

South East Regional Park shooting range is run by Pima County and provides a safe and comfortable place to shoot just south and east of Tucson, AZ
Just off the highway and tucked away between the county fairgrounds (host of many local gun shows) and a law enforcement shooting range that is not open to the public

The 30 shooting lanes at SERP currently host many classes and events, but the new 30 lane shooting range will provide a private 50 foot shooting range independent of the private range on the other side of the wall 

The new range will offer a place for classes such as firearms safety, AZ concealed carry courses, hunters safety, 4H and Boy Scout training and even advanced firearms classes for law enforcement, security and armed guards, CCW holders and others

We were impressed with the new facilities and progress on the new range.

Shooting sports facilities run by the county are one of the few profitable ventures in an era of budget cuts.

Tucson continues to support the shooting sports and this new range should attract even more events, training and new shooters.

It's good to see these tax dollars at work

We shot this review at South East Regional Park in Tucson, Arizona

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