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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lunchtime CCW seminars every Tuesday

Today was the first in our series of lunchtime CCW seminars.
Thanks to those who attended, it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.
We addressed some questions which are listed below so you have an idea of what the hour was like.
Please join us next week or plan to attend Tuesdays at noon over the next few months.
Learn from and contribute to the group discussions
We expect to have a wide variety of people with various experiences; from people who carry guns daily to those who have never carried before.
We plan to have guest speakers on a wide variety of CCW subjects.
Topics include, but are not limited to;
new AZ CCW laws
CCW gear (& our experience with brands and styles) 
Book Reviews
CCW Training
Learn from the group experiences over the years of carrying CCW
Bring your lunch, we'll supply the room and the conversation
Restaurants around the store include; Blackjack Pizza, Taco Bell, Eegees, Mc Donalds, New York Pizza, Safeway & lots more
Topics we covered this week (6-15);
- Background Checks when buying a gun
- Should we expect any more violence in bars since people will carry
- Women's Issues & CCW vs. Open Carry
- Carry into Federal Buildings; Where, When, How?
- National Parks & New CCW law (open carry vs. CCW) - We'll need to do more research on this
- We talked about Restaurants & Stores that are gun friendly in town

CCW laws and how they will affect you.

Topics will include what to carry, where to carry, how to carry concealed
and any questions you might have about the new law

Seminars are 1 hour, Tuesdays at Noon through June & July

General Subjects for each week (but any topics can be discussed)


     June 15 – First Time, Welcome

     June 22 - Firearm Options for CCW

     June 29 - What other stuff do I need

     July 6 -   Why would you choose to carry

     July 13 -  Do you carry a Less Lethal option

     July 20 - Continued CCW Training Options

     July 27 – Summary / Q&A

Tucson Guns
8556 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85710

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