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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shooting 11.5" AR-15 at 200 yards

BCM 11.5"
Aimpoint T1
3x Magnifier
Black Hills Match Ammo 5.56x45
200 yard target

We turned on the camera while we sighted in this high quality AR-15 SBR (Registered Short Barreled Rifle)

We adjusted the Aimpoint T1 optic mount, so we needed to sight in the T1 again on this AR15.
We went to 25 yards to "get it on paper"
Then we moved to the 200 yard range (against the berm on the left, the closer ones to the right are at 100 yards)
We quickly brought the rounds up to the center and finished off with a few decent groups from this short barreled (only 11.5") AR15

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