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Monday, November 30, 2009

What Holster to Buy? Nylon Holsters

We take a look at some nylon holsters and go over the pros and cons.
Holsters include;
Bianchi large frame revolver holster (belt loop) - nylon
Bucheimer large frame revolver holster (belt loop) nylon
Duel large frame revolver shoulder holster (shoulder) - nylon
Uncle Mikes Sidekick Holsters (rubber panel w/ belt slots)
Uncle Mikes Sidekick Shoulder Holster
Bianchi UM 84/92
Bianchi OWB Pancake Holster
Uncle Mikes OWB Pancake Holster (ambidextrous)
Bianchi 1911 Duty Holster
Hi-Bred Leather & Nylon Small of the Back Holster
AR15 / M-16 Duel 30 round Mag Pouch / Pistol Holster
Cheap nylon drop leg holster w/ mag pouch
Blackhawk drop leg
Eagle Industries left handed drop leg

This series will cover

What Holster to Buy? 1 of 6

Kydex Holsters (2 of 6)

Leather Holsters (3 of 6)

Nylon Holsters (4 of 6)

Alternative Options (5 of 6)

Magazine Pouches (6 of 6)

Holster Buyers Guide

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