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Monday, August 3, 2009

Blade-Tech AR15 Training Bolt

We are testing out this new Blade-Tech training aid for the AR15 rifle.

This valuable training tool is easy to store in a range bag. It's quick to swap out into an AR15 so training can take place anytime you have the opportunity
This device is also great for classrooms and instruction where live ammo would be dangerous

Almost all the manipulations and shooting techniques can still be performed with the Blade-Tech barrel in place

Another feature we liked over some other products we've tested is the ability to work in just about any AR15 or M-16 no matter what barrel length, muzzle break or even with a suppressor installed

This retails for under $20, and in our book it's worth every penny

The more you train the better you will shoot, and this barrel really expands an AR15 shooters ability to train and practice safely

Blade-Tech Industries

AR15 Buyers Guide

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