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Friday, August 7, 2009

.22lr Suppressor Comparrison

We shot three makes / models of .22lr suppressor;
C3 Defense KISS
Gemtech Outback II
Tactical Innovations Tac-65

These are each quality suppressor, however the Gemtech performed the best (no suprise) the TAC-65 performed just about the same as the Gemtech,but it's just a bit larger. The C3 K.I.S.S. did keyhole, but this was hardly a scientific test, so we will not give them a bad review. It could have been the range conditions, firearms, ammo or just the shooters that caused the issue

Each of these has a place in the suppressor market
C3 Defense K.I.S.S. = Lowest cost
Tactical Innovations Tac-65 = Great Deal (low cost/good performance)
Gemtech Outback II = Smallest, lightest

Don't let this quick review be your only research, but we hope this 7 minute video can help anyone researching .22lr suppressors

We had fun comparing these three suppressors, thanks to all who made it possible including:
Tucson Guns, C3 Defense and SERP

Suppressor Buyers Guide

Another video review by:

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