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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blade-Tech Training Barrel

We had a chance to test out and photograph this M&P 9/40 Training Barrel from Blade-Tech and it is just as effective and works as well as we expected it to. Benefits of the Blade-Tech Training barrel over a solid plastic / rubber training pistol for us include; Size, Function and Versatility. Since the Blade-Tech training system consists of simply the yellow plastic barrel, it is very portable, and lends its self to staying in the range bag all the time, so we always have them available. The training barrel protrudes just a bit from the barrel so others can see the guns with them are in-operable. The Bladetech Barrel allows for complete trigger manipulation which is a big plus over the fixed triggers on most rubber / plastic training guns. The ability to swap out the barrel on your actual carry gun is another big plus for us. We have certain modifications made to the pistol like lights and lasers, which do not always fit on plastic / rubber training pistols. The biggest issue for Smith & Wesson M&P owners is the removable backstrap. Training pistols are almost always made in the medium size, so if you normally shoot with small or large, you would be out of luck. Replacing a barrel for training offers the versatility. of practice with your gun and accessories. Blade-Tech Training barrel costs well under $20 shipped to your door which makes it one of the best investments a shooter can make in their own skills development in our opinion.

Blade-Tech S&W M&P40 Training Barrel


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