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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AR15 Buyers Guide: Rear Sights

We take a look at some rear sight options for the AR15 / M-16

Fixed Sights:
Yankee Hill Machine
XS Paul Howe Rear Sight (A2 Adjustment)
Danial Defense Rear Sight (A1 Adjustment / A1 flip peep)
A3 Removable Carry Handle (A2 Adjustment / A2 flip peep)
A1 Sight (A1 Adjustment / A1 flip peep / Multi-Plane Apature

Troy Industries (A1 Adjustment / Same Plane Apature)
Magpul MOE (Adjustment Knob)
Midwest Industries MI (A2 Adjustment / A2 flip peep)
Matech 600 Meter Backup Sights

AR15 Buyers Guide

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