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Friday, June 5, 2009

Shooting Test: Ruger LCR - S&W 442 - S&W 342

We took three lightweight .38 Special revolvers to the range with five types of ammo to test and compare.
We shot the Ruger LCR, S&W 442 and S&W 342.

Revolvers Tested:
S&W 442 Airweight 14.5 oz (Aluminum & Steel) w/ Laser Grips
S&W 342 AirLite 11.3 oz (Aluminum & Titanium) w/ Laser Grips
Ruger LCR 13.4 oz (Polymer, Aluminum & Steel)

Ammo Tested:
158 gr FMJ +P
130 gr FMJ
135 gr Gold Dot +P
129 gr HydroShock +P
158 gr LRN

We shot this review at South East Regional Park in Tucson, Arizona

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