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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shooters Gear Review

Quick review of the gear being used by one of the shooters at recent night shooting practice
Using night vision, we take a look at some shooting gear and how it works in action

Gear List;
Eagle FB Chest Rig
Eagle FB M4 Mag Pouch
Magpul PMAGS
EMDOM Small Waist Bag
Raven Concealment Holster
Glock 35
Surefire X300 weapon light
Raven Concealment Double Glock Mag Pouch
Eagle Roll Out Dump Pouch
LMT SBR lower
BCM 11.5" AR15
Aimpoint T1 (on La Rue mount)
Troy Rear Sight (BUIS)
Surefire Scout Light (custom mount)
Hatch HK Operator Gloves

Night Vision Buyers Guide

A video gear review from

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