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Friday, June 5, 2009

LeitnerWise MOD.1

From the LeitnerWise Defense website

""The LeitnerWise Defense MOD.1 is a variable stroke, directgas oprod, upper receiver assembly compatible with AR15 type lower receivers. The design of the MOD.1 operating system is such that it prevents hot propellant gasses and carbon from entering the receiver assemblies allowing the firearm to operate at cooler temperatures and reduced stresses.

The LWD MOD.1 upper receiver is designed to replace the traditional direct gas impingement operated upper receivers commonly supplied with AR15 type lower receiver assemblies. The MOD.1 upper will operate based on the fire control setup of the lower receiver; i.e. with a semiautomatic lower receiver, the MOD.1 provide semiautomatic fire and with a fullyautomatic lower receiver, the MOD.1 offers a select fire capability. Simply attach it to your lower receiver, mount your sights and you are ready to go! ""

Leitner-Wise Defense

This was filmed at
2009 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Phoenix, Arizona

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