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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Range practice with two AR-15 rifles

My experiences on this day with the magnifier showed me a few areas that I will need to work on to make fast accurate hits from certain positions. As I write this, I spent my day at the range shooting from 200 to 500 meters with a few different platforms/ optics combinations. My magnifier proved to be very beneficial to acquiring and hitting steel at the various distances. The 3X will help to acquire and identify targets at distance quicker, something that an Aimpoint alone makes a bit more difficult, however as is the case with most things in life, it has proven to not be perfect in every situation. I am willing to compromise a few very specific situations for the all around utility on the 3X magnifier on most of my carbines. I also have the option of flipping the QD lever on the LaRue mount and taking the magnifier completely off the rifle when need be.
We took two Short Barrel Rifles to the range to run some drills.
The camo AR is a Bravo Company Manufacturing 11.5 inch upper on a RRA SBR lower. It features an Aimpoint T1 in a LaRue Tactical Mount, Troy rear sight, Surefire Flash Hider, LMT SOPMOD Stock, Tango Down Battle Grip, Stubby Vertical Grip, Rail Panels, and PR-4 Sling Mount, LaRue Tactical 7.0 Forend, Viking Tactics V-Tac MKII Sling, Light Mount and Surefire G2 with Cree Q5 LED Upgrade, as well as a Surefire FA-556 212 Suppressor.

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