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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Diagnosing a Colt 6920 (AR15)

This Colt M4 model 6920 is having some trouble. After 1200+ rounds it has stopped cycling. We took it out to the range to see what might be wrong

This Colt 6920 (AR15) has the following accessories;
EO Tech 551
w/ GGG covers
Troy Industries Rear Sight
Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch
Magpul MIAD Grip
GGG Receiver Endplate
Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling
30 rnd MagLevel PMAG

Colt M4 Carbine 6920

We took it out last week to test, found it did not work, then took it back to the shop to see what was wrong.

Turns out it was a loose primer, stuck in the bolt carrier gas key..
We replaced the part and test fire it again.. no problems !!

We shot this review at South East Regional Park in Tucson, Arizona

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