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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Day of Shooting at Three Points Public Shooting Range

We went out to a shooting range on the far west end of Tucson, Arizona. In fact it is not in Tucson, the town it is near is called Three Points.
Three Points Public Shooting Range is about 28.9 miles west of downtown Tucson, AZ.

We spent the day at the High Power Rifle Silhouette Range
This range has a covered firing line and concrete benches. The maximum range is 500 meters (535 yards according to our range finder).

Silhouette targets include:
200 meters (chickens/gallinas)
300 meters (pigs/javelinas)
385 meters (turkeys/guajolotes)
500 meters (rams/borregos)

We had a productive day at the range and took quite a bit of video;

How far is a 500 meter shot ??

Noveske CQB 10.5" AR15 SBR

Shooting a Noveske CQB AR15 at 500 yards

Noveske 14.5" Afghan AR15

Shooting Noveske 14.5" Afghan AR15 - 535 yards

AR15 w/ 7inch Barrel - SBR / Pistol

Shooting an AR15 w/ 7inch Barrel (SBR) at 530 yards!!

500 meter shot with a Glock 24

Shooting an LWRC 10.5-inch SBR 500+ yards

4 out of 5 shots at 500 Meters with a LWRC 10.5-inch SBR

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