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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vltor Fortis is still going to happen

From the Vltor Fortis blog:

Well, we have an excuse for being at least one day late; we did not want to make a post on April Fool’s Day… but we did want to make another post to assure everyone that the Fortis Pistol is alive and well, it has not fallen victim to “the Curse”.

Okay, so here is the real deal: Unless you have been living in a cave, in the remote mountain regions of Asscrackistan, you know that there has been an overwhelming surge in the sales and demand for anything firearms related… this demand started last November and curiously skyrocketed around the third week of January, only weeks after we returned from SHOT ’09.

Of course Vltor has a great deal of product that sits at the top of this burgeoning demand, but a lot of folks may not know that there are many goodies under our roof that are not found on the Vltor website – many of these lesser known items are delivered on government contracts and naturally take priority.

So… to be perfectly honest, with the onslaught of orders for existing products, we did push the Fortis to back of the table a bit, but it is still on the table and headway is still being made. Here is a quick update: All of the final design work to the frame has been finished, and the frame is production ready; the grips have been redesigned with a slight change to the “swell” which fills the hand much better (really, really nice); the production barrels are done; and several other little spring/screw/clip things have been finalized.

We have also increased the size of our production facility and have spent many hours designing new fixtures and tooling, we have given a lot of attention to increasing our production ability and we are installing a few million dollars worth of new machinery, most of this with an eye exclusively on the production of the Fortis Pistol.

Rest assured, the Fortis is still going to happen, but also rest assured that the time we temporarily took away from the Fortis has been well spent; we have been able to continue answering the phones, shipping product and most importantly filling contract orders to get essential product to our war fighters.

Fprtis PIstol receivers after undergoing final QC inspection and waiting for the machine operations -- by the time you read this, they will be being made into the last run of pre-production guns, the next round will be for delivery!

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