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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shooting at Night with IR Laser and Night Vision

Shooting at Night. We shot an LMT AR-15 SBR with Surefire Suppressor and an IR Laser. We filmed this using PVS-14 Night Vision & Digital Camera Another video review by: ...
Shooting at Night. We shot an LMT AR-15 SBR with Surefire Suppressor and an IR Laser.
We filmed this using PVS-14 Night Vision & Digital Camera

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shooting the P22 FAST !!

Shooting the Walther P22 very fast at night
This P22 has a Tactical Innovations TAC-65 sound suppressor
We filmed it with Night Vision and a Digital Camera

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Are Revolvers Always Reliable ??

Are Revolvers Always Reliable ??

Quick video showing what can happen to a revolver if left to sit for a long period of time without proper storage techniques
This one was fixed by a gunsmith, but it was not ready to be used if it was needed..

We test shot this Smith & Wesson Model 10 after a good cleaning.

We test shoot this Smith & Wesson Model 10 after a good cleaning.
It worked well again and this "snubby" model 10 makes a real comfortable and compact 6 shooter

We shot this review at South East Regional Park in Tucson, Arizona

Ammo Collection videos

A look at an ammo collection. Look at the various ammo collected over the years.

Ammo Collection 1 - .223 (5.56x45)

Ammo Collection 2 - 9mm

Ammo Collection 3 - Training

Ammo Collection 4 - Rimfire

Ammo Collection 5 - Shotgun

Ammo Collection 6 - .38 Special

Ammo Collection 7 - Military

Ammo Collection 8 - Odd Shaped

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thoughts on Ammo Prices

I know it is easy to think people are out to make a profit on fears..

And I am not saying that is not happening

but, I'll play devils advocate since I see 'behind the scenes' at gun shops quite a bit

#1 how do you know WHEN the ammo on their shelves was bought?
A store might have had 100,000 rounds of .45acp they bought 7 years ago at a good prices. SO selling it at $X today they are still making a profit selling it for $Y less than other shops who only buy a few hundred rounds at a time, and are now paying current market prices

#2 Working with gun shops gives me an idea what prices are on things.. wholesale, factory direct, etc... and guess what? prices ARE going up
Not necessarily because of the news, or BHO, or fuel costs, or environmental costs, or hoarding or lack of raw materials.. but more likely a blend of all these reasons and more

#3 the war.. like it or hate it.. it's buying ammo that factorys might otherwise make for us

#4 We were talking about the prices of ammo the other day.. and the idea was brought up..

Mil-Surplus ammo is getting used.. and most is gone
We used to have a seemingly endless supply of surplus ammo to help buffer the supply and demand cycles.
Good times and bad I knew I could always go get some WWII surplus .30-06, .308 more recently but still mil-surplus the .223 (5.56x39) and of course 7.62x39 ammo is plentiful most of the time.

But as the mil-surplus supplies from the Cold War dry up.. we will depend on the Russian ammo factories (along with the rest of the world) for all the 7.62x39

With increased demand, US factories need to make more .223 (5.56x45) and .308 (7.62x51) and that could mean they will make less of the other calibers; .380, 9mm, .38spl, .40 s&w, .44mag, .45acp, etc

This is just a possible reason we think might be responsible, we haven't researched it

#5 we all know Bull shit sells papers, and most journalists don't take the time to research stories consistently.. this leads to fear, rumors, reactions and poor decisions
Headlines like "Ammo Shortages".. "Fear sells more ammo than..." and the like might sell papers but they don't really educate, inform or even entertain..

I'd like to see a headline like.. "Research into recent ammo price increases results in ..."

Perhaps if more people were thinking about solutions to the real problems, and fewer people worried about what might happen, we might even find some solutions, lower prices and more new shooters

What to do??

- Pick up your brass, and steel cases (recycle)
- Reload (re-use that brass, and even that lead.. learn how)
- Shoot Smart - don't stop shooting.. just shoot smarter. Take a class, buy a few DVDs, learn some drills. There are many ways a shooter can practice skills and techniques without ammo or the danger of a live fire range
- Keep shooting - Get out there, keep the ranges full, keep your skills sharp
- Bring new shooters to the range
- Chat here or someplace like this place

Learning To Shoot an M-16

One of the perks when your dad runs a gun shop, is getting to shoot a full auto M-16
We joined the folks from Tucson Guns while they enjoyed shooting a full auto M-16 one morning

The area where we shot had been cleaned just a few days earlier

Tucson Guns & Western Artifacts

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Shooting a .308 Thor

We test fired Thor, the .308 (7.62x51) caliber single shot pistol built on a 1911 frame. This looks like it would be a real beast, but it actually is very controllable and only kicks about as much as a .44 magnum.

EAA Thor .308 1911 pistol

We shot this review at South East Regional Park in Tucson, Arizona

Another video review by:

Smith and Wesson Model 325PD Revolver

Shooting the Smith and Wesson Model 325PD Revolver
This is a .45 acp with a Scandium alloy frame with a Titanium cylinder and weighs just 21oz empty

We shot this review at South East Regional Park in Tucson, Arizona

Another video review by:

Maxpedition JUMBO Versipack CCW Bag

Our third video review of this bag we quickly go over the CCW pocket on the Maxpedition JUMBO Versipack.
It makes it a good CCW option with a secure hook & loop holster (about $10) in the inside pocket of the Versipack. Very easy to draw from this set up

Maxpedition JUMBO Versipack Review - 1 of 3

Maxpedition JUMBO Versipack Review - 2 of 3
Gear we carry in this bag

Maxpedition JUMBO Versipack

A video gear review from

See our gear review blog

Another video review by:

Monday, April 6, 2009

CCW class on Nov 2008

I attended Charles Hellers CCW class on 11/28/08. This was my first class of this sort. I have never really been interested in self defense or weapon carrying education classes. I was asked to attend by a friend for the sake of a review from a females point of view. I was a little nervous to go to the class since I had no knowledge but I am always willing to try something new. The first half of class took place in the instructors private home. I thought that was unusual but it was later explained that the facilities normally used were not available. There were about 15-20 of us attending this class. It was coed, more men than women. There were also many different levels of knowledge. Most of the women like myself had no prior knowledge of concealed weapon carrying permits or what they were all about. I would say all of the men had some form of familiarity or formal training, like ex FBI or military, in how to fire a fire arm.
We went through Arizona &U.S. Laws for a CCW Class. This took a few hours to go through. There were many great definitions and explanations and details. I felt a little overwhelmed with all of the information that was given to me. In my opinion this class is something you should build up to. I don't think it is something you should start off with. I think this is a class you should take to recap on your education and knowledge of a fire arm. You will have a better understanding and get more out of the class.
Somethings I learned that I thought would be useful:
      • It was encouraged to make a copy of my notes from class and mail them to myself. Keep the envelope sealed and only open if needed in court to justify you have been trained on these laws. Ten crimes that allow you to use deadly force :arson 13-1704, burglary 13-1507 or 13-1508, kidnapping 13-1304, manslaughter13-1103, second or first degree murder 13-1104, sexual conduct with a minor 13-1405, sexual assault 13-1406, child molestation 13-1410, armed robbery 13-1904, aggravated assault 13-1204.
      • Safety! Safety! Safety!
        1. Always treat the fire arm as if it is loaded.
        2. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
        3. Always keep your finger in register position (on the frame) till sight is on target and ready to shoot.
        4. Always know what your target is and what is behind it.
        5. Always maintain control of your defensive weapon.
      • The Department of Public Safety must complete all of the required qualification checks within sixty days after receipt of the application and must issue a permit within fifteen working days after completing the qualification checks if the applicant meets all of the conditions.If a permit is denied, the Department of Public Safety must notify the applicant in writing within fifteen working days after the completion of all the required qualification checks.
      • Mailing your class notes and handouts to yourself can be used as legal documentation of your training and when it took place.(keep sealed until needed.)
This class made me more aware of my surroundings. It has helped me discover a new definition of keeping my family safe. I don't want to have to depend on someone else to keep me or my family safe. I am confident that with this class I can prevent any unnecessary use of deadly force. With continuing my education and knowledge about fire arms and self defense I expect not to be caught helpless or as a damsel in distress.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vltor Fortis is still going to happen

From the Vltor Fortis blog:

Well, we have an excuse for being at least one day late; we did not want to make a post on April Fool’s Day… but we did want to make another post to assure everyone that the Fortis Pistol is alive and well, it has not fallen victim to “the Curse”.

Okay, so here is the real deal: Unless you have been living in a cave, in the remote mountain regions of Asscrackistan, you know that there has been an overwhelming surge in the sales and demand for anything firearms related… this demand started last November and curiously skyrocketed around the third week of January, only weeks after we returned from SHOT ’09.

Of course Vltor has a great deal of product that sits at the top of this burgeoning demand, but a lot of folks may not know that there are many goodies under our roof that are not found on the Vltor website – many of these lesser known items are delivered on government contracts and naturally take priority.

So… to be perfectly honest, with the onslaught of orders for existing products, we did push the Fortis to back of the table a bit, but it is still on the table and headway is still being made. Here is a quick update: All of the final design work to the frame has been finished, and the frame is production ready; the grips have been redesigned with a slight change to the “swell” which fills the hand much better (really, really nice); the production barrels are done; and several other little spring/screw/clip things have been finalized.

We have also increased the size of our production facility and have spent many hours designing new fixtures and tooling, we have given a lot of attention to increasing our production ability and we are installing a few million dollars worth of new machinery, most of this with an eye exclusively on the production of the Fortis Pistol.

Rest assured, the Fortis is still going to happen, but also rest assured that the time we temporarily took away from the Fortis has been well spent; we have been able to continue answering the phones, shipping product and most importantly filling contract orders to get essential product to our war fighters.

Fprtis PIstol receivers after undergoing final QC inspection and waiting for the machine operations -- by the time you read this, they will be being made into the last run of pre-production guns, the next round will be for delivery!

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