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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ruger 10/22 Performance Enhancements eBook

After owning over a dozen 10/22's and shooting millions of rounds over the
last 30 years you find out what most of the problems with the ruger 10/22's are.

I have spent a couple years focusing on 10/22 reliability, trying all kinds of modifications that I did myself, some worked and some failed, then setting down doing deep analysis of why this didn't work and how to fix it.

Then I spent a couple years on "let's make this rifle shoot more accurate", tried some of the after market affordable barrels with some disappointment and started machining on the factory barrel and bolt.

I found that after I did a small group of modifications the rifle really worked and
was an accurate sleeper rifle.

I have put this years of field research into a easy to follow and perform manual of do it yourself step by step, large color photos information.

This step-by-step manual guides you through the details of transforming your standard 10/22 into a more reliable and accurate rifle.

The great thing is that you can make all of these modifications yourself and see the improvements immediately. Become the go-to-guy with extensive knowledge on how to make you and your friends rifles work right and hit what you are shooting at.. No gimmicks - just field proven techniques with measurable results.

The modification techniques in this manual will easily save you a couple hundred dollars in non productive and not necessary after market fluff.

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