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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SHOT show 2009 has ended

Another SHOT show, the largest national trade show for the Shooting Sports has ended.

This year the event was held in Orlando, Florida We have been attending the SHOT Show and covering the event as media for our website visitors for many years. The SHOT Show held in Las Vegas also

2009 was the first year we brought three people to cover the show, to shoot, take photos, videos and interviews. It took a lot more to attend the show in Florida since we live in Tucson, but the extra efforts were worth it.

We hope you enjoy our coverage. And if you have any questions about the pictures or video please feel free to use the feedback forms to contact us. We attempt to post the best info we can but if we missed something you wanted to know or see more, let us know and we’ll answer your questions and perhaps we have more pics of an item you like

We planned for the 2009 SHOT Show better than we usually do since we needed to travel so far, fly instead of drive and had a lot more questions and interest in the show than ever before from our website visitors and friends

Our trip was eventful to say the least. All the planning and preparation can’t prevent bad luck from changing things

We arrived in Orlando early Tuesday a few days before the event. Our travel was more than eventful due to many misunderstandings with the travel agent, rental car places and hotels. After 5 hours of flying, one layover and no rental car, we arrived at our second choice hotel in the late evening.

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We were almost out of contact and out of resources. We didn’t have a rental car, only two of the 5 cell phones we brought worked, and one was a ‘pay per minute + a charge per call and per day’ backup phone we didn’t want to use too often.

Our crew found ourselves at a strange hotel where we had not planned on staying and we were not sure how close we actually were to the Convention Center. We had planned to drive to the shooting events and SHOT Show but found ourselves with no rental car. We quickly set up our laptops and went to work finding shuttle schedules and maps of the area.

It all worked out well in the end however. We ended up staying at the Sleep Inn which is located about a 10 minute walk away from the south entrance to the Convention Center.

We could wait for a shuttle than ran every ten minutes and get dropped off at the front door of the event in the morning and use the same shuttle service to get back to the hotel at the end of the day. We were literally dropped off at the front door of the hotel, which is a real advantage after a day of walking almost non stop. NSSF really knows how to cater to a lot of people attending a show like this one.

Since we flew to the Orlando SHOT Show, we decided to leave all the knives, liquid stuff, extra batteries and other non-airplane / heavy items at home since we could pick them up at any department store in Orlando, or so we thought..

However with no rental car, we were at the mercy of the stores / restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Again we were impressed by and thankful for our choices. There was a restaurant next door and a small ‘strip mall’ a block away. Soda, chips, meals were all at ‘normal’ prices, the stores did not charge any premium (that we noticed) and we were happy to have such interesting choices nearby. We ate at Subway, Village Inn, Flippers Pizza (I really liked their pizza !!) and a few other restaurants and a sports bar. We were able to eat something new each day (except me, I really liked their pizza) and nothing cost more than it would at home to eat out.

The hotel provided all the liquid personal hygiene items we didn’t bring which also saved us money and made the trip much more comfortable and stress free

We had walked out of the airport to a medium rain shower on Tuesday which was a nice change from our dry weather in Tucson, but after a few hours and two rental car companies the rain was not as pleasant.

We feared a muddy, overcast wet day at the shooting range. We were surprised to find the range dry, bug free and the sky blue, clear and sunny. The heat was about what we had at home, so our attention was completely on the event and not the weather. Calm weather and comfortable temperatures lasted for the rest of our visit.

We attended all four days of SHOT show 2009 and both of the two media shooting events the day before. Our crew took more photos this year than ever before and this year we were given official permission to take video. So we collected pictures and video interviews each day and edited each night. We brought an HD camera and another crew member along to shoot video.

00-01-16-09-0245 00-01-15-09-0080 00-01-16-09-0133

Everything we reviewed will be posted on our websites. Our growing list of photos, articles, reviews and videos can be found by clicking this link.

For the Gun team the trip was a lot of fun and a great success. We collected a lot of new content for our websites. We would like to thank all the exhibitors we talked with and allowed us to do interviews and / or photos of their products. We made new contacts and met with old friends.

I overheard only compliments on the show and facilities. NSSF hosts a great show for the shooting, hunting and outdoor community. Small shops get to handle products and meet manufactures. Deals are made, distributorships are set up and media is able to feature and promote new items, gear and of course guns

00-01-15-09-0194 00-01-15-09-0192 00-01-15-09-0232

While the event is designed to let manufactures, distributors and store owners meet and make deals and the show is not open to the public, press is invited. It’s been our continued pleasure to be invited to provide coverage of the SHOT Show.

Thank you for visiting our websites. Please to enjoy our photos and videos, feel free to link to our reviews, ask questions and make comments on them.

Have a good year and stay tuned to our coverage of SHOT Show 2010 back in Las Vegas

Pre-SHOT Show 2009
Media Day at the Range
Wednesday, January 14
SHOT Show 2009 Day One Thursday, January 15
SHOT Show 2009 Day Two Friday, January 16
SHOT Show 2009 Day Three Saturday, January 17
SHOT Show 2009 Day Four Sunday, January 18

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