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Friday, November 28, 2008

Supplemental CCW classes

I just spent 5 hours at a CCW class (the lecture part) the class shoots on Sunday

An interesting class, 16 students and 3 of us just there to watch and learn (two of us already have a CCW and one lady was there with her husband to see the class, not for a permit)

Students were a mix of girls and guys, all levels of experience

Lots of interesting questions, as always being there brought the seriousness of CCW to the front of my mind (where it belongs)

This was the third class with this instructor (a friend of mine) but I take classes whenever I can get an invite so I see as many teaching styles and meet as many instructors as I can

so my question is.. does anyone else take additional CCW instruction to keep their legal knowledge and mental skills sharp on the subject?

If you don't, I highly suggest attending at least one CCW class each year (or more if you can swing it) I get a lot out of them, and it's almost always cheaper (or free) to just attend and watch

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