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Friday, October 10, 2008

Kill a 6th Year Anniversary

Kill A offers the only source for our videos produced by the original Computer Assassins at they feature Macs, Printers, FAX machines, Phones, PDAs, PCs and more being blown away, smashed, exploded, dropped, drowned and who knows what else. The ultimate revenge for all the wasted hours your PC has cost you. Get all the satisfaction of killing your computer, but for only a few dollars. Watch the destruction on your PC, there is no better way to threaten the errors and problems away.

Kill a 6th Year Anniversary

On weekends we would take our very old, very slow or very difficult computers out for execution. We took care to collect and remove all the debris from the areas we would do our shooting so we would leave the areas cleaner than we found them. We video taped an photographed our fun with what passed for digital cameras at the time.. what we could afford. We built this website to post the photos so we could see them at work. But then other people started to find the site and contribute their pictures, and videos and the website started to get larger and has been popular ever since

After a long time, we found some time to update the design and function of one of the first websites we built. We started the Kill a Computer website in October of 2002 when one of our editors purchased his first AK47. We all worked for a large software company. And we all hated computers as much as anyone who is tied to one 8+ hours a day.

One day we decided to go shoot a computer with the AK47.. and a new sport / hobby was discovered

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