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Friday, September 12, 2008

There's a lot to do on Gun;

There's a lot to do on Gun;
As of Sept 12, 2008 we have the following:

Shooting Events: 244+ shooting events listed

Gun Shows: 505+ gunshows listed

Gun Stores: 28+ gun shops listed for review

Gun Clubs: 54+ gunclubs listed for review
Find a new Gun Club, Shooting Club or Hunting Club

Shooting Ranges: 54+ ranges listed for review
Take a virtual Tour of the Arizona Shooting Ranges in or list
Browse our archive of American Shooting Ranges

Firearm Reviews: 283+ guns listed for review (not AK47s)
Get Detailed information on Guns and Gear

Ammo Reviews: 71+ bullets listed for review
Research and Compare Bullets and Ammo

Gear Reviews: 96+ gear Items listed for review
Along with the guns we have a sytem in place to review all the gear we use while hunting, shooting and cleaning firearms.

Firearms Questions: 749+ questions answered
Our Experts Answer Firearms Questions from Visitors

Firearms Photos: 2123+ photos listed
Browse our Gallery of Gun & Shooting Pictures

Firearms Articles: 604+ articles posted
Read Gun and Shooting related articles written by our editors

Classified System: 277+ items for sale

Review Gun movies and firearm books
Movies: 0+ gun movies listed for review
Books: 9+ gun books listed for review

Firearm Quotes: 39+ gun quotes listed
Gun quotes and famous sayings from the famous and not so famous

Firearm Humor: 12+ gun jokes listed
Gun jokes and humorous stories from site visitors.

And much much more...

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