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Monday, September 15, 2008

Shooting the M-16 A2 & suppressed Walther P-22 at night

Shooting the M-16 A2 at night. We go over the M-16, it's accessories, and the gear we used for the demo and then shoot in various ways to highlight the gear and how it works

Another video gear review from

Also check out

Here are the components of the M-16
we used for our demo:

M16 registered lower receiver
LWRC 10.5" SRT Gas-Piston Upper Reciever

Gemtech HALO suppressor
Laser Devices DBAL A2 IR Laser/Illuminator / Visible Laser with LaRue Tactical Mount

Aimpoint M3 in LaRue Tactical Mount w/ Rubber Cover

SureFire M910 Foregrip
(w/ LaRue Tactical Mount White Main Light w/ IR Filter/White LED Navigation)

LMT SOPMOD Buttstock
Troy Industries HK Type Front Sight

Troy Industries Rear Sight

Tango Down Rail-Covers

Magpul Industries 30 rnd P-Mag

Suppressed Walther P22 & TAC-65 at night

Shooting the suppressed Walther P22 at night. This Walther P-22 (.22lr) has a threaded barrel, adapter and Tactical Innovations TAC-65 suppressor. We shoot it various ways in low light / dark conditions in order to review it's sound and flash reducing ability.

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